Blog Posted Trips of Allan Fritz (124 indexed)

These illustrated posts revisit of each of the waterways I’ve paddled. They enhance my book: ‘SW Washington Paddle Trips‘. The ones I have paddled are narrated and illustrated in these posts. Online maps and research can be misleading. I have visited each of these launch sites, list trip possibilities, so you won’t get lost as I sometimes did. It’s an honor and a privilege to write for travelers like you. Allan Fritz at:

Scroll the index below and click on the short link to view my post(s) of the places I’ve paddled so far. The date is of the most recent blog post.

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Book Updates (10-21-2022)

Aldrich Point (Brownsmead) (6-22-2020)

Astoria’s Pier 39 (6-10-2021)

Autio’s Ramp: Portage to Brownsmeade (5-3-2021)

Autio’s Ramp: Blind Slough to Marsh Island

Baby Island via Long Island (Willapa National Wildlife Refuge) (4-25-2016)

Baby Island towards Bear River (Willapa National Wildlife Refuge) (4-13-2021)

Bear River (Dohman Creek) (4-13-2021)

Black Lake  (5-1-2022)  

Bone River (6-5-2016)

Cathlamet (Elochoman Marina): Steamboat Slough & Ryan Island. (9-22-2019)

Cathlamet (Elochoman Marina): Boating Events (9-21-2019)

Cathlamet (Elochoman Marina): Around Birnie Slough (9-22-2019)

Cathlamet (Puget Island launch to Welcome Slough) (8-3-2019)

Canon River (1-25-2020)

Cedar River (5-14-2018)

Chehalis River (Cosmopolis) (7-10-2022)

Chinook River (3-8-2015)

Clatskanie River: Beaver Ramp Downstream (4-26-2021)

Clatskanie River: City Park Upstream (3-8-2019)

Coal Creek Slough (Stella & Willow Grove) (8-12-2018)

Coffenbury Lake (2-7-2015)

Columbia River Maritime Museum (12-6-2019)

Cullaby Lake (12-30-2015)

Deep River (10-15-2015)

Dohman Creek (Bear River) (8-9-2019)

Duck Lake (Ocean Shores) (9-3-2016)

Elk River (8-6-2018)

Grays River (lower) (9-14-2021)

Grays River (upper) (10-12-2015)

Hoquiam River (6-15-2019)

Ilwaco: Baker Bay  (9-15-2019)

Island Lake  (8-31-2014) 

John Day River: Eagle Sanctuary & Svensen (8-30-2021)

John Day River: Tongue Point (8-30-2021)

John Day River: To the Shallows (10-27-2015)

Johns River (7-17-2018)

Jones Beach (2-3-2022)

Knappa dock (Brownsmead) (1-27-2019)

Lewis & Clark River: Netul & Ft. Clatsop event (8-24-2019)

Lewis & Clark River: Astoria to L&C Road Bridge (8-19-2017)

Long Island North (10-12-2020)

Long Island SE (Willapa National Wildlife Refuge ferry ramp to old cedars)  (8-4-2018)

Long Island West (Willapa National Wildlife Refuge to Diamond Point and around) (10-9-2022) 

Loomis Lake  (8-7-2022)  

Nahcotta (Port of Peninsula)  (12-7-2017) 

Naselle River (Hwy. 101 bridge upstream) (6-19-2017)

Naselle River (town of Naselle) (6-9-2017)

Neacoxie & Sunset Lakes (6-23-2019)

Neawanna River (E. Seaside) (5-30-2016)

Necanicum River (W. Seaside) (10-5-2015)

Nehalem Bay State Park (+ Aldervale) (6-19-2022)

Nehalem River (city docks) (4-17-2022)

Nehalem River (Wheeler) (7-10-2018)

Nemah River (North) (8-24-2022)

Nemah Rivers (South & Middle) (7-26-2021)

Niawiakum River  (4-21-2019)

North River (9-18-2022)

Ocean Shores (Duck Lake) (9-3-2016)

Ocean Shores (Fresh Waterways) (9-14-2018)

Pier 39 in Astoria (6-10-2021)

Palix River (mouth at Bay Center) (1-22-2015)

Palix River (Middle Fork) (1-25-2020)

Palix River (North Fork) (10-9-2017)

Palix River (South Fork) (7-30-2017)

Portland (7-27-2019)

Puget Island (8-3-2019)

Raymond and upstream (Willapa River) (8-14-2016)

Round Island via Long Island (Willapa National Wildlife Refuge) (4-25-2016) 

Round Island towards Bear River (Willapa National Wildlife Refuge)  (4-13-2021) 

Seabreeze Lake & Surfside canal (9-28-2015)

Seaside (east) Neawanna River (5-30-2016)

Seaside (west) Necanicum River (10-5-2015)

Skamokawa: Skamokawa Creek (8-19-2018)

Skamokawa: Upriver around Huntington Island (8-27-2017)

Skamokawa: Lesson & around Price Island (4-12-2014)

Skipanon River: Kayak Dock to Source (1-11-2019)

Smith Creek (10-15-2015)

Smith Lake (07-07-2019)

South Bend to Raymond (Willapa River) (9-2-2019)

Sunset & Neacoxie Lakes (6-23-2019)

Surfside canal & Seabreeze Lake (9-28-2015)

Svensen to Knappa (5-28-2018)

Trestle Bay (7-6-2021)

Wallicut River (10-16-2017)

Westport Oregon: Jones Beach & Portage (2-3-2022)

Westport Oregon: Up the Slough (8-18-2019)

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge (ferry ramp to old cedars)  (8-4-2018) 

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge (Round Island) (4-25-2016) 

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge (West Long Island & around) 

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge (points north) (10-12-2020)

Willapa River (South Bend to Raymond) (9-2-2019)

Willapa River (Raymond and upstream) (8-14-2016)

Willapa River (Wilson Creek to shallows) (8-14-2016)

Willow Grove (Stella & Coal Creek Slough ) (8-12-2018)

Yale Lake WA (8-17-2019)

Youngs River (mouth): Up the Wallooskee (4-2-2021)

Youngs River (mouth): Fort Clatsop Event (8-19-2017)

Youngs River (mouth): Up and Around Fry Island (11-6-2016)

Youngs River (upstream) (& Klaskanine River) (10-14-2019)

Read more: Blog Posted Trips of Allan Fritz (124 indexed) Read more: Blog Posted Trips of Allan Fritz (124 indexed) Read more: Blog Posted Trips of Allan Fritz (124 indexed)

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